Catholics Returning Home Begins Soon

A Ministry of Compassion and Reconciliation

Catholics Returning Home (CRH) is a parish based program designed to reach-out and invite non-practicing/inactive Catholics to return “Home to the Catholic Church” and resume active practice of their faith. St. Pius X will present this 6-week program, and provide a positive context for inactive Catholics to hear their personal call.

+ Personal stories of pain and hurt can be told

+ Participation in the worshipping Community is made to be very comfortable

+ Concerns and questions can be met or directed to the appropriate people

+ Acceptance and understanding are modeled after Our Lord Jesus Christ

Dates: Monday, April 24th – May 29th

Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm

Place: Conference Room B in Annex Building 

For Information or to Resister Contact: Phyllis Comeaux, Facilitator at (337) 993-8366 or  Email